Friday, October 1, 2010

So here I am on the isle of skye, about as far from Brighton as you can get in the uk. It's wet and pretty miserable and I got a headache earlier and had to go for a sleep. An inauspicious start, so as the song goes, things can only get wetter. I'm sure it's a beautiful island, but visibility is about 10 foot so type 'isle of Skye summer' into google for pictures as I doubt if I'll be uploading any soon.
I'm heading into the hills tomorrow, probably camping in coruisk or staying in the bothy at camasunary.
Forecast- rain, wind and tears.

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  1. Wow I get to make the first post, I am honoured !!!

    I used to live on the Isle of Skye and hope that the midges don't eat you alive.

    If you get a chance then check out Uig as that is where I used to live, up Glenn Connon!

    This is Tom by the way and thank you soooooo much for signing our papers !!