Monday, October 4, 2010

Blair witch vs miike snow

No doubt everyone has been waiting with baited breath for this next exciting instalment of 'where's ollie?', well I'm in mallaig, just over the water on the mainland near the isle of Skye.
I returned this morning from a couple of days out in the wild. Skye is a genuinely dramatic setting. I hitched to elgol then followed the coast round to camasunary. The cuillins appeared in the background and were appropriately shrouded in mist and looked every bit the tolkeinesk mountains everyone says they are. I wanted to head on and see coruisk but the river was too full to cross so the seals at coruisk bay would have to wait another day. I spent the whole evening sitting in the bay window of the camasunary bothy, reading the entries in the bothy journal of those that had stayed there in the past, nearly all of which were positive except one entry from two English lads who got on the wrong side of an uncompromising scotsman who ended up defecating next to them on the beach. The bothy seemed reasonably friendly during the day but when the night set it I realised it had a not uncanny resemblance to that room from the last scene of the blair witch project when the lad is standing on his own facing the corner of the room. Not really the place you want to spend alone for the night but the options were limited. Still I survived a restless night with the aid of some good earplugs (cheers Spink) to mask most of the more sinister creaks and groans the house had to offer.
I set off at sun rise the next day and promised myself that if there weren't any seals at the bay then I was going to kill them all. I had the wind at my back and made good time. There's a memorial hut at the bay but I was a bit disappointed to find it both empty and locked. The bay is a beautiful spot, and when I turned the next corner I found it full of seals, all but one still asleep on some small islands. They're really playful things and just as interested in you as you are in them. The one that was awake kept popping up and checking me out then sliding back under the water and repeating indefinitely. It was good to have some interaction, even if it was with a blubbery fishy mammal. Towards the end of the day and without further interaction, the mind does start to entertain itself and I was a little worried when I caught myself wondering 'who am I most like, frodo, samwise or gollum?' maybe fay can give me some help when we meet up on Saturday. Anyway ipod it was after that and I doubt if miike snow and plan b have much of a following in the cuillins (apart from the Blair witch of course who is a MASSIVE fan) but they got me back on track and up to sligachan where my new tent got it's first outing and thankfully passed it's test in some horrible conditions. Click here to see pics -

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