Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday I managed to persuade a couple of locals to take me climbing. There is a nearby spot with some good bouldering and we managed to avoid the banditos en route. The place consists of a group of small caves and a local drunk has made one of them his 'home'. If Heenan ever makes it out here then he should start there.

A little lost as to what to do today, as Fay is now doing the Inca Trail, I asked the caretaker (Louis, who has a mouth full of gold teeth making him look like a well off, although very short, Jaws. Actually not much at all like Jaws then) and he suggested going to watch Cusco v Huancayo at the Estadio. I arrived an hour early and wasn't sure whether the huge armed police presence with riot shields was a good or a bad thing. I was basking in being the only gringo there. Shortly after kickoff however, my place as honorary gringo was soiled by the arrival of a group of braided, dreadlocked, stinking travellers who were almost certainly from the UK and all had just bought the Cusco FC shirts. My unfounded anger only subsided when Cusco went down 3-0 in the first 15 minutes which soon put a stop to their girating, toolish behaviour. Turns out the police shields were used to create a tunnel for the Huancayo players to leave the field without being clobbered by the missiles thrown by the Cusco fans.

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  1. As there only seems to be a marginal difference between your activities on Skye and in the Peruvian highlands the question "Why bother buying the ticket?" is apparently valid!
    It would also appear to rain in whatever part of the globe you happen to visit. Ever wonder about this??? Maybe 2 weeks on Ibiza might have been a better deal.
    Luv Ian