Sunday, October 17, 2010

From Skye to Sao Paulo.

> (In voice of that doctor from simspons) 'hello everybody!'
> Today has been cafe day. Mate de coca is the local brew, and my addictive personality has taken to it like a llama to banana. It is made from the coca leaf, of which it takes a kilo to make 1 gram of cocaine. It is supposed to help with the altitude and I undoubtedly start feeling very rough if I don't have a cup for a couple of hours.
> Yesterday we took a local bus up to pisac to take a look at the ruins. The weather was ominous but the locals assured us the lightning and thunder would pass around us rather than above us, they were wrong, we were I'll prepared. We got wet. Great ruins though and spread out along a mountain ridge which made for an atmospheric visit. The market in the town was terrible, full of the same landfill at tourist markets worldwide and Fay saw the exact same scarf she'd bought for a friend in Malaysia a week earlier.
> Cusco itself is an ok city, approximate 350000 people and lies at a height of about 3300m. Very touristy, but the ruins around the town are fascinating and the local markets worth a visit.
> En route here we had a day in Sao Paulo and it's a shame it was only a day. Massive dirty city but the people were open and friendly and I felt less like such an obvious gringo there than here where the locals are shoulder height. I should head over to my homeland in India where I wouldn't get a second look.
> We're heading up to do some trekking around Azunguate in about a week and looks amazing. Far more rural and we've been told that having a basic grasp of some Quechua will help. So far I've been taught:
> Hello everybody!
> I don't eat meet.
> Thank you everybody.
> Goodbye everybody.
> Which is going to make for some deep and meaningful conversations with the locals.

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